Newspaper Inclusion Criteria

Our goal is to give the busy student or researcher quick and reliable access to English language news outlets around the world. We believe in a free press, and we believe in the value of seeing the world from different vantage points. And we don't like dead links. We hope this list helps in some little way.

In order for a newspaper link to appear on this list, we like to see that it has a good measure of the following qualities:

1. The link should directly open onto a web page containing current news headlines. The page may contain other things too, but you should not have to click anything else to see current news headlines.

2. Full news articles should be accessible without registering an account or buying a subscription. We see nothing wrong with a news website selling subscriptions or requiring registration, but that's a different list.

3. Each news article should be clearly dated.

4. We like to include news outlets that are updated daily, or at least multiple times each week, with allowances made for less eventful regions.

5. We won't knowingly include a link to an HTTPS web page with an invalid security certificate.

6. We are not inclined to include a link that opens a webpage containing auto-play media with unmuted sound.

Report broken links or suggest other sources.

Thank you for using our newspaper list and for all the suggestions for news sources.

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